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Hamvention for 2017 Will move to Greene County Fairgrounds, Xenia Ohio.  At present,  Hara Arena in  Dayton which really was in Trotwood is in question and does not look good but Dayton Hamvention is definitely moving to Xenia.  Preliminary reports  are that it is a good facility and should work out well,,, we hope.  Third weekend in May as usual.

So, Whats up with the lack of good satellite accessories? Recently we have seen some of our importers drop out of business or stop carrying many items that we carry.  The truth is that sales have slowed down for a number of reasons.  We no longer have 18 or 36 inch actuators in stock. We do have a few motors in stock that will move ku dishes up to  1.2 meter,  they go well with our Winegard 0.76 dishes.   We sold most of our HD units to a comany that  makes signs.  All of our C-Ku lnbf feeds are gone.  We have  some C band lnbf's left including the C on Ku dish kits.  LNBfs have been knocked off in China by poor performing products.  We have some excellent Ku lnbfs left.  LNBfs are feedhorn and lnb all in one.  We may also have some Chaparral Corotors in stock, these are the big feeds that do C and Ku and require seperate LNBs and a receiver that will control servo polarity.


Have we got a deal for you <grin> We are just about out of Traxis DBS6000 HD receivers.  We think these receivers are the best ones we have aver sold.  These are receivers left over from a large church contractor.  They are new.   They are available for $109 each plus $12 shipping. That is less dealer wholesale.  They receive both Ku and C and are MPEG2 and MPEG4. The are the good receivers with the Fujitsu chip and they receive SD and High Definition feeds.  There are only a few left so you had better act quickly.  We also have a couple of SR-1s available.

From our commercial installations dept. we have several 1.2 meter Ku  Fortecstar Ku. Dishes.   These are heavy  steel, not the real thin stuff you see on many internet sold dishes.   $169 pickup at our Cincinnati area warehouse, we can not ship them!

Which Receiver should you buy?????

DBS 6000 HD by Traxis is the receiver that we put in our commercial applications. We use it for downlinks for Pharmaceutical companies, we have it in broadcast stations.  If you are listening to EWTN or Evangelical broadcasts on the radio or TV, it may be coming to the stations with one of our Traxis receivers.  This receiver is rock solid, great blind scan, great picture and the most reliable receiver I have ever seen. We have used it to replace commercial receivers costing thousands of dollars. We now have it on sale for $109 for the receiver.


SYNOQ SR1 is a brand new receiver from the Traxis people that does things that no other receiver does that I have ever seen.  We just go our first unit and it is fun.  The unit us the size of your hand yet it has internet capabilities.  You hook your normal coax from the satellite dish to the recceiver.  I am also receiving wifi from an antenna although you can run a cable from your router.

Here is what I found!  It is not a computer like your laptop.  It does do youtube and much more!   Bring up the Youtube screen. Press Menu, scroll down to youtube and enter a site that may have some Youtube content.  I chose CNN.  I was given quite a  number of choices,  "Judge flip out", Malaysia Airlines..", "Ukraine.... " "Magician sneezes.. " and all of the other stories that CNN thinks are important.  I then chose a friends posting and I now have Emma dancing at the Ga. State Fair! Exit and choose games and you have Tetris on a big screen TV. Choose "Net Apps and you can choose weather, Picasa where you can see and store Photos, and RSS. On RSS you can go to web sites for CBC, BBC, CNN, Google, Apple, and you may even be able to see your friends on the FBI site.  At each stop you will see many offerings'.  Yes there is more, even Google maps in HD.

It also records to a thumb drive or external Hard Drive

It has a Radio feature from Satellite,,,  3ABN is playing now, Radio Al Salam, RAI Italy, and 60 other stations from Intelsat 21.    For Satellite, I hooked the receiver to Intelsat 21 C Band at 58 degrees over the Atlantic. You will need a larger 7 foot dish for C-Band although most people will use it on Ku band like the Winegard dish we sell.  That happened to be the satellite we had our dish pointed to.  We scanned the satellite using blind scan, which is fast and accurate on the SR-1.  The picture is outstanding, especially on the Hi Def feeds from  NHK World Japan in English.  CCTV China, YTN and Arirang Korea. RT, Russia, in Spanish.  If you are looking for inspiration you can tune to 3ABN tv where they will tell  you how God wants you to look at a woman with a low cut dress, or with tears in his voice Jimmy Swaggart preaching to the flock.  I have had people call looking for France 24 hour TV  in French, it is here.  

That is my review on the SR-1 after playing with it for a couple of hours. This receiver is a great receiver for the Hobbyist.  Advanced skills really help on this one but I would suggest selling one to someone without skills.  Most people will use the SR1 on a dish pointed at Galaxy 19.  it comes prescanned for G19 If you want the SR-1  I can offer you the special pricing listed below.

Both receivers come as a receiver or as a system with Ku dish and LNb.

Special Price $109 bucks plus $12 for shipping (USA)   This is a full service receiver plus a lot of fun on the internet.


JUST IN, New Receiver,  Internet and Satellite in one package;The SR1

SYNOQ SR1 high end receiver

New Product, Satellite receiver that does both satellite and Internet!

SYNOQ SR1 High Def, DVB-S2, MPEG4, Embedded Wifi

Don't let the small form factor fool you.  This is one powerful receiver.  This receiver comes with a external remote eye so the receiver can be placed out of site.  

Ethernet and WIFI Embedded allows you to connect to the internet easily.  MPEG4/H.264 HP@L4.1 HDTV 1080P and USB for Multimedia Player, PVR.

  • Fully DVB-S2/MPEG-4 H.264/AVC Compliant
  • Transportation Stream Recording  Supported
  • Multi-language OSD
  • USB for Multimedia Player (MP3,MP4,OGG,MKV,JPEG,BMP)
  • Games Supported
  • FTA/CAS(1 CA Slot)
  • Auto DiSEqC1.0 and DiSEqC1.1/1.2/USALS Supported
  • 6000 TV&Radio Channels Supported
  • 7 Days EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • Auto Search,Blind Search,Manual Search,NIT Search,TP Search and Multi-Satellite Search Supported
  • Easy-going Program Editors,Teletext and Subtitle Supported
  • PVR Timeshift and Playback supported
  • Software Upgrade and Backup via OTA,FTP/HTTP and USB
  • Data exchange (Backup and Restore) with external USB storage

The SR1 is available three ways; As a System, including receiver, .87 meter Weingard dish and lnbf for $209!   Receiver only  $159, or Receiver with new high quality LNBF, use you r old dish $169.  I have two systems on the way in for evaluation otherwise all systems are to be dropshipped, shipping extra!


 Traxis DBS 6000 HD HDTV Receiver for only $109 and we will ship them priority mail for only $12.  That is USA 48 only.  

This receiver uses the excellent Fujitsu chips set which is no longer being made!  It is kinda like Gresham's Law,,,  "Bad money pushes out good money"  ,,, seen any silver in circulation lately???  We have also seen some fake Traxis receivers on Ebay, be aware.  Our receivers are warranted by the manufacturer , Tim and Leo, at DMS,  in Atlanta, ours are the good ones.  OH yes, the 6000 uses an external power power supply like an expensive laptop.  This is the dependable way to power the receiver.

Last call for what we think is the best receiver on the market and we have replaced $2000 units with the Traxis and got radio and tv stations back on the air to prove it.


QARL-3624+ 24" Heavy Duty "Monster Motor" Actuator

 Actuators; Out of stock and no more on the way!


$249 picked up


Go to OUR products list and details     



Scroll down for Dish Network and other satellite deals.

DBS 6000, our best receiver, the best receiver we have ever carried.  Broadcasters love them.  High Definition and yes you get sound on Dolby Digital and the Full DD sound is even passed through to your DD decoder.  It is MPEG 4  AC-3 Pass.  Most feeds will be going to MPEG-4 because the programmers love it.  It uses a separated power supply like a lap top computer so it runs cool.  I just replaced an expensive commercial receiver at a radio station because it ran so hot that it eventually failed.  If you need help programming the receiver, we can do that.  

User manual can be downloaded at


Are you are tired of MPEG4 receivers designed for Europe with big useless SCART sockets on the back? Receivers that don't work well or have missing or poorly designed functions?

Here is your opportunity to own a receiver that just flat works. Built with the rock solid Fujitsu H60 processor that is well known for it's ability and features. Not only can this receiver do MPEG4 but it handles HD with ease and provides a sweet USB interface for PVR functions.

Traxis receivers have long been the gold standard in FTA and we now bring you the top of the line MPEG4 receiver with HD and PVR capability. From the moment you turn this receiver on you will realize that you have a quality piece of equipment. Avoid customer complaints by selling quality equipment designed for ease of use.

img src="rear_panel.jpg" alt="DBS6000HD High Def MPEG4 Digital Receiver" width="610" height="130"/>
Receiver Standard
DVB-S2 Standard (ETSI EN 302 307)
Input Frequency
F Type
Input Impedance
Input Level
LNB Power
13/18 V
LNB Control
Ver 1.0/1.1/1.2/USALS
Symbol Rate
2~45Mbaud (SCPC/MCPC)
Transport Stream
MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818-1
MPEG Profile Level
MPEG-2 MP@HL, MPEG-4 MP@L4 H.264
Aspect Ratio
4:3, 16:9
Video Resolution
1080i 50/60Hz, 720p 50/60Hz, 576p 50Hz,
576i (PAL), 480p 60Hz, 480i (NTSC)
Conditional Access System
1 CA Card Reader Slot
A/V Output ports
Left/Right analog audio output (RCA), Digital audio output (Coaxial)
Audio Decoding
MPEG1 layer I, MPEG1 layer II, MPEG1 layer III, MPEG2, AC3
Audio Mode
DVR Support
DVR with USB HDD, Time shifting with USB HDD
USB 2.0 High Speed Host
1 USB 2.0 Port
File System
FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS (supports first partition)
Media Support
Ethernet Interface
10/100 Mbit
Power Supply
Input DC12V 2A
Power Consumption
28W Max / 1W Standby
230 (W) x140 (D) x39 (H) mm
Operating Temperature
0C to +50C

Ku LNB's Brand New  0.5 lnb 500 K stable  only $39.99.  We bought them for a job that never happened,  Get this $50 + lnb for less the $30.  goes on Ku feed like the Corotor.  DMS ACS-51. Use on feed like Chaparral Corotor.  Compare to others selling for $200

 Need an inexpensive SD MOPEG2 receiver, how about a Traxis 2500  for $39.  Simple receiver no blind search but easy to program.  These receivers were held back by the importer for warrantee stock.  We picked up more receivers, at Dayton Hamvention,  that we need to test like a Viewsat 2000, like new $49

859 816 9666 order line

  ASKA 5 in 16 multi switch for motels, hospitals etc. $59.99  used scroll down  30 day
BIG LIST!!!!!   Go to our suppliers interactive list.  Find items we sell plus manuals and product descriptions.  See our new WIRELESS products.  Need to increase the range of wireless internet.  Take a look.  We stock many of these items or can have them drop shipped!





Above meter too expensive?  Look at the First Strike Meter!  Only $249  This meter is just out. This is a fantastic meter.  No complicated menus to learn.  All information shows on one screen that is easy to read and understand.  Easy to edit from the keypad.  Global satellite data bank has all satellites pre-loaded.  You can easily move a satellite from the Global data bank to the User data bank for easy editing.  User data bank can hold up to 100 satellites.  "Rough Neck" heavy rubber jacket protects your meter.  
Easy reset allows you to return the meter to factory settings at any time.  Meter resets and re-boots without the need of entering any codes. 
USB to mini USB programming cord included.  
Universal power supply allows the meter to work world wide.  
Comes with 12 volt vehicle charger.The low cost of this meter allows you to sell it in any part of the world.  Don't spend hundreds more for a Dog or a Buddy.  Click Here for further details!
  I have had this meter for several months and it is the only meter that I use, period.  It stores one bouquet for each satellite from  5  to 1xx degrees, more birds than you can ever use.  It sores by Latitude NOT name. Telstar 5  / 19 and the other 3 names it was called is simply 97 W.  The first list can be modified via computer.  There is a second list generated by the user.  There you may want 97 h and v, and 97 universal (10600 22k) The meter is fast and accurate.  No problem getting a quality lock.  If peaking the dish you should set the meter and move the dish to get the lock.  I could go on and on, but have have owned probably a dozen different meters and this one is by far the best.  
Spitfire Elite 0.1 dB LNBF

$19.99 short time special! Any  Quantity,  This is a giveaway price.

This is the same signal grabbing power as the Easyfind without the red green signal finder  light.  This is the lnb to use if you are NOT using our DBS 4000 Easyfind receiver.



Setting up a motorized dish using USALS, Tech Report

Quad Ku Universal lnbf's back in stock 

V Box 7 now available!. This controller operates an actuator such as those that move a big dish, or positions solar panels, or opens doors 100 feet up the side of Texas grain elevators.  It is amazing what our customers use actuators for.

New C-Ku feed, BSC 621 SD  no internal switch, run 2 wire or use DiSEqC Switch Universal Ku. We also have the 621 standard to work with 4DTV or analog receiver. $49.  We have the 621 in stock.

I am able to offer some great deals such as the Matchbox pro below.  Satellite TV on your computer.  It comes with software that installs in your computer for FTA satellite including HDTV.  I have been told that it will do MPEG4 with the right software.  We also have one Dish 508 left  that records and does NOT require the $5 recording fee.  We also have some DP 34 and DP 44 switches.  As a Ham radio operator you know that I have all kinds satellite stuff that I have collected for sale. 


High Stability Ku. LNBs  500 Khz! These are the amps that we use for our commercial downlinks where quality is required and reliability is a must.  Our new lower price is $39.99.   Noise figure is 0.5 dB, gain is 55 dB which is excellent.  Uses latest  technology.  Use on feedhorns such as the Chaparral CoRotor or commercial ortho feeds.   We may also have some Chaparral Corotor  C Ku servo feeds in stock.


Super Deal, Matchbox Pro!  this is a satellite receiver that works with your computer.  It comes with high definition software.  Since the software lies in your computer rather then the receiver, new software can be used as it becomes available.   Scroll down for details.




Need a 90 cm dish! HOTDISH BRAND. We may have a limited supply at our  warehouse.      $89 if pickup up at our Cincinnati warehouse.  Got a customer with a no name receiver that does not have a sensitive tuner like a Traxis??? Use this dish.  We still have them in Cincinnati.  You need at least this size if you plan to experiment with C-Band.  We also have some commercial 1.2 meter Ku dishes that we use for commercial applicvations, pickup only in Cincinnati area.

Scroll down for picture 





Limited supply of 18 inch actuators to move C-Band dish  $28.99  

Closeout Special to left

$9.99 Cable and switch  

4X1 DiSEqC Swtich with  Female to Female Null Mode CableAdd additional Cables for $3.49 each.


4 DSS LNBF Bracket and 4x1 Weather Protected DiSEqC switchSwitch and multi lnbf holder for rectangular mount lnbf's and rectangular mount support arm.  Special Buy $12.99 DSS Style Mount.  We have a few Ku standard lnbfs that do 11 to 12.5.  Holder only $6.99 (no switch) Very limited supply


ONE TO SELL   $36.99 less the cost.  Traces TV Satellite history from the early days when Cable was considered Piracy up until modern times of satellite struggling with broadcasters and the government.  Many "very personal" antidotes.  Marketing practices from early trade shows  to prostitution.  I have read it, about 900 pages, it will keep you busy for some time.   

Television's Pirates, first published in 2006, is a significant autobiography covering the development of cable television and satellite television worldwide. The writer, 'Coop' to most who know him, was editor and publisher for a long string of technology publications from 1960 onward, editor of QST's first Microwave Column, and author of more than 40 books. In the satellite world, he was first to create and introduce 'home satellite TV' (1978) to the world through publications such as Radio Electronics, TV Guide and numerous others.  Those of you that watched the Boresight show from the golden days of satellite  remember Bob Cooper's Provo segment.  This is great history and does NOT cover present alleged signal hacking. 

4DTV model 920 by GI  $99.  Digital.  Word from programmer is that the VC-2 Videocipher will be turned off soon, you must have the 4DTV to receive C and Ku subscription programming.  You old big dish customers will know what we are talking about.

C-Band on a Ku dish,,, See below.  Richard Buckner  has told me of work done by Tony Dunnett in New Zealand. He received C-Band on a 1 meter Ku dish.  He is receiving broadcasts from Australia ABC International and BBC World in Auckland. So,,,, I decided to give it a try.   I took a BSC 421 C-Band LNBF,  duct taped it to a 1.2 meter channel Master brand dish, spun the dish around until I saw a signal, adjusted for polarity, ran a wire to a Traxis 3500 receiver and ran a blind scan.  I came up with the following picture.  I have not yet determined the bird but it was fairly far to the  East.  I chose the dish because it was hanging on the back of my deck, the Traxis receiver because it is VERY sensitive and blind scans fast and the BSC 421 because it is sensitive.  The toughist part of the job was finding the roll of duct tape.  I would suggest a large hose clamp.  Whole job???  5 min tops.  I do not guarantee results but if you want to play with a feed  horn we stock the BSC 421  for only $29.99.  Be carefull which brand of LNBf you use, there is a difference.  I do not guarantee results but the whole project took me 5 minutes including drinking a few sips of coffee while the Traxis was searching!!!!  Will it work on a smaller dish?? I DO NOT KNOW  We do have a limited number of 1.2 meter dishes for pickup at our Cincinnati warehouse only. Grain in picture is result of camera limitations.

out of stock

Now available, adaptor that allows use of a BSC 421 on a Ku, dish,,,  replaces duct tape!   Included  Scalar ring and Feed holder.  You add BSC 421 and dish of 90 cm or larger.  Remember this is still somewhat experimental but if you can not use a 10 foot dish, this may be your best bet.  Price: BSC421 C-Band feedhorn $29, and the mount with Conical scaler ring is $20.  That is $49 for the feedhorn and adaptor kit with scaler ring is $49.    Pictures below are of kit plus BSC421 and HOTDISH 90 Initial tests show 78% signal and 66% quality on AMC 4 with a Traxis which is good.  Go to for Victor/s story of how he converted a Ku Dish to C-Band and gets 50 channels!  Important: when using the BSC-421 C-Band lnbf, do not use the fiberglass slab, it is for circular polarized birds like the ones deep over the Atlantic Ocean.




How about a SG2100 h to h drive for your Ku dish.   

Setting up a dish with a motor using USALS

Antenna,  Channel Master 3650A      Great for fringe reception

$69,  Rotors also available.  Must pick up 

at Cincinnati area warehouse


Products we offer for sale/ Specials, our famous SURPLUS page  /Troubleshooter/ Program discontinued receivers/ Commercial and headend equipment/  /             Your legal rights to have an antenna/ Adding a motor to move your dish/, Religious Programming/, Doc Scott University Network/,             What is on MPEG2-fta and reading charts/,  What MPEG-free t  o air is all about/,  Multiple receivers,   Programming from Dish at 121 = scroll down!, Programming the ST3688 revised,  alternate h to h drive installation instructions; Installation and programming of the SG-2100 H to H motor Adding a mpeg2fta receiver to a big dish system, What you may find on satellite, a new list., Trimax T-100 installation tipsSatellite Aiming SoftwareFree Channels on Satellite yet another list, = dish pointing software



Empty Box

Hotlinker and other new products on our  "Our Products" page.

RCA Direct TV Deluxe installation kit, new,  box worn  $12




Important Tech Notice: Taylor Enterprises Traxis 3500 receivers come with Easy Meter.  If you are scanning  in Galaxy 19, aka telstar 5  all you have to do is hook the receiver to the lnbf on the dish, turn on the receiver and press the info button on the remote and the numbers on the face of the satellite receiver will show the quality which you want to maximize.  Do the same with channel 2 and you have the dish tuned to the satellite. You don't even need a tv.  Hint; put the receiver in a box to shade the display so that you can see it at in the daylight.


 Visa  Discover    Mastercard   American Express          accepted,  Order line  859/356-9666 

To see the items we have for sale click here Click  to the left to see our receivers!

Dish 1000.2 dishes for 119, 110, 129 high def, loose for pickup at warehouse only.  $99 with lnbf, $49 no electronics, shipable

We also have some compression tools for installing those new fancy fittings such at the Sterling black or PPC fittings, the kind that  have to be compressed and made shorter, not taper or hex.  At this time we do not have the fittings for sale.

Just in, we have a limited supply 120 cm dishes available for pickup only at our Cincinnati area warehouse!   These high gain steel Fortec Star dishes are one piece and are to be mounted on a pole (not supplied).  We use the 120 cm dish for commercial downlinks, and pulling signals off of the Naheul 1 satellite so that churches can watch a channel they sponsor that is intended to be seen in Central and South America.  This dish will outperform a Mesh 10 foot dish in the Ku band due to its outstanding accuracy. For further information click here .  Price    1.2 meter $149, stand and lnbf not included. Note, these are heavier commercial style dishes not the light metal that fortec uses in their smaller dishes.

For Specials,  sale items, all kinds of interesting information scroll down. Don't forget to look at links at top of page!

External tuner for computer:  Just released, Great for Laptops

  • Mini Size
  • Gorgeous Appearance
  • USB 2.0 High Speed Transmission
  • Watch & Record Satellite TV & Radio
  • Multi-Media Files Support
  • Third Party Software Support
  • IP Data Transmission
  • Operation System
    • Windows XP
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows Vista
  • Comes with Blaze HDTV Player Registered Software
    US$49.95 value at no extra charge
  • We have a limited supply. New just in.
  •  take a look
  • for screen shots
$89 new lower Price,  $89

Magic switch for DirecTV or Dish Legacy  allows use of four receivers off of one lnb, also passes off air antenna     $9.99. This is a new small solid state unit


0 / 22k Switches  $9.99  new lower price


EMAIL US      

Click here to see the stuff we have for sale!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for use with 4DTV  OUT OF STOCK, DISCONTINUEDNow available with standard Ku for use with 4DTV as well as Universal Ku.  Add Ku to your big dish and use your 4dtv or other traditional receiver.

BSC-621 = C-Band and Standard Ku (10750) use with 4DTV and traditional receiver.  Ku=  11.7 to 12.2  Plus C Band

BSC-621-2  = C-Band and Universal Ku see specs to the left


This is the one you have been waiting for!  Goes on Big Dish, typically 5 to 10 foot.  You must use one of our MPEG  receivers as it requires DiSEqC switching and and the Ku lnbf is Universal.  Price is $69.  Use a V-Box to move your big dish.  


Dave Conlin on the library roof at St. Leo University examining a satellite system that we just installed.  System included a SG2100 Horizon to Horizon dish mount with a 0.76 meter dish feeding a Trimax T-100 receiver.  The system is used to air the Pope addressing World Youth, and all kinds of interesting content to the university cable system.  Note; St. Francis is just off camera supervising <g>. Other recent installations have included systems to receive LDS semi annual meetings,  and Pentecostal sponsored television. Presently we have sold receivers for the EWTN feeds on C-Band

See What We Have For Sale, Catalog, click here


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Special, New Item, flatwire  about 8 inches long with connector on each end, allows running of coax under a door or window.  $4.99

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Tech Tip;   To check a remote control use a digital camera or camera phone.  A good ir signal will appear as a white flash!


RTPi  special,  we will preprogram our receivers to receive RTPi Portugal on their new frequency either C-Band  Intelsat 805 or Ku  AMC 4. We know that many of the old Zinwell and StarPro receivers that just plain won't program any more, it is now time to upgrade.  Use BEC 2000+ or Satwork 3688 receiver.

ASC511 500KHz Ku LNB,  High Stability,  goes on Chaparral Corotor or similar feed, prime focus, bolts on feed horn, not an lnbf. Usually used with big dish. Great for use with our receivers or 4DTV or commercial applications,,   $89


Quantities on some items are very limited, specials good end of sale date or until we run out.

It is amazing what you will "see" on satellite radio 



MPEG2fta Homepage   859/356-9666

IMPORTANT MESSAGE ON DISHES;  Our service department was just called to repair an installation of a dish for a "Church Broadcast Network"  Our Tech installed the dish, a .9 meter dish and found that he could only get one group of stations.  He called the engineer at the broadcaster.  He was told that the dishes were warped and that he had to sight across the dish, determine where it was bent and straighten it.  On close examination he determined that the dish was twisted.  He disassembled the dish and gave it a gentle twist. The dish bent to far, so with a soft twist he bent it back, reinstalled it and it worked well enough to get all of the channels the customer expected.   It was not as good as our smaller 0.75 meter Hotdish but it worked.  What was wrong??? The metal that the dish was made  of was very soft, way too soft.  This is true of many of the dishes from the orient and some made here.  Cheap dishes often do not have good metal  ALL OF OUR DISHES USE HARDENED STEEL, THEY HOLD THEIR SHAPE. 


 In this week,  T5 and DirecTV, or whatever from one fixed dish $23.99, made to work with Hotdish, may require drilling hole for Winegard and others.  Initial test results,  The picture on the left shows the left LNBF on Telstar 5  and the one on the right on EchoStar at 110 degrees W., a spread of 13 orbital degrees which is about the maximum spread.  14 Degrees may be possible.  The photo to the right shows Telstar 5 and DirecTV at 101, a spread of 4 orbital degrees  which is about  minimum.  Note polarity, the way the feed is turned is not critical as DTV and Dish use circular polarity. Feed mounts are adjustable and we used some hose to shim the feed as DirecTV feeds vary in neck size.   We were not able to fine tune the feed due to weather and time. Note:  this product has changed slightly, picture on the right is latest.  LNBF's not included.

Dish Network  Blue Button sale   $12.95  infrared (used)  



Using one of our 0.76 meter dishes to receive International Programming from Dish Network!   South Asians take note!  Dish Network offers a number of International Channels off a satellite at 121 degrees west.  The problem is that it is virtually impossible to get the "Super Dish" antenna needed for this service unless you live in an area where local channels require the "Super Dish".  I am told that it will be a long time before these dishes will become available, but who knows for sure.  The good news it that you can use one of our 0.76 meter dishes and lnbf's to receive the programming.  We are Dish dealers and our receiver confirms this.  You must BUY the programming from Dish Network, we NEVER steal programming.  Hooking up the dish can be complicated.  Your receiver must be set to Legacy NOT Dish Pro mode.  You can use a Dish 500 antenna with legacy twin feed and a SW 21 switch.  Do it wrong and you will burn up some equipment.  You can also use the receiver with our dish alone if you do not want to watch core Dish programming.  We have all the parts you would need like legacy twin feeds, sw 21 switches plus the 0.76 meter HOT DISH and Electronics.  If you live in the Cincinnati area we can also supply Dish Network receivers.   We have seen the following programming on this bird; Gemini, Surya, Kairali,  Totana Music, Channel One  where the host argues and yells at callers, Tepish 1 and 2, Yo Yo, Jet, TTY, ETTV NEWS, ETDRA,  and the list goes on.  Important, Dish does not activate some programming like Gemini in most Zip Codes,  check with Dish before ordering equipment!  This piece is posted in response to the telephone calls I have received from people wishing to purchase a dish.  If anyone wishes to purchase a dish and lnb for this purpose, they are on their own and due to shipping constraints dishes are NOT returnable.  Be sure that you can get the system authorized before ordering!

859/356-9666 for orders!

Go to a list of all of our products:  click here


2 LNBFs on one dish, Watch 2 satellites without moving dish.  Only works on dishes that we sell, Hotdish and Winegard. Don't buy any other dish if you want this feature.  Watch this web site for further information.  



    NEW!  Puts all of your VHF and many cable channels on UHF.  Ch 3 becomes Ch 37,  Ch 4 becomes Ch 38.  This allows user with way 4 satellite receivers to combine signals and send them out on home cable system with combiners and /or reverse splitters. $24

We have new in the box antennas. $69  details Digital Go to surplus page Wilson 5" dishes used for $25


A system from Taylor Enterprises receiving Doc Scott in Arizona


Call 859 356-9666 to order 

   Our phone number remains  859/356-9666

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Religious Broadcasting

Tuning for Doc Scott

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Coship 2000 e accepts Irdeto smartcard right out of the box
Troubleshooter Some of the programming that has been found by our receiver What is MPEG2 Free to Air Tom Taylor


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  see our products  We have a no name rack mount mpeg2fta receiver from China for $49  It was sent to us for evaluation, Let us call it a demo.  Only $89  SD and stereo but not Dolby.  It is similar to the one shown above mpeg2

Also available ASKA MSA 516 multiswitch 5 in 16 out,  for head ends  hotel etc.! Used  $59.99 for details  Limited 30 day warrantee from us   used


Adding a Free To Air Receiver to you Big Dish system

.Note: Existing Receiver powers lnb and is attached to port on High Frequency Splitter with the solid line.

Call Tom at 859/356-9666 to order.  We take plastic.

      Information about the BEC 6600+     (BEC receivers are no longer made)

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Horizon to Horizon drive for dishes up to 1.2 meter.      Picture below shows mount connected to the bracket that comes with Hotdish (bolt goes through bracket)

How to install the SG 2100 H to h drive 

Note;  if you can not get enough elevation from the dish, especially for customers in Central America, and you are using a Hot Dish, you can turn the butterfly       bracket upside down.  Do NOT reverse the sleeve that attaches to the motor.  We have also found that if you put a dial level on the arm that holds the lnbf and add approximately  13 degrees, that will give you an indication of the look angle of the dish.

A great site.  What you can see if you were looking back at earth from a specific satellite.  Look at AMC9 and you will see that it is looks down on the mid west.  Look at Hotbird 1 and you will see that even if it had a westward looking transmission antenna, the USA is below the horizon and could not receive this bird.  No you can not see futball from most European satellites.  You may also want to look at Google maps and zoom in and see your home.

Input Voltage 110VAC, 60Hz
13/18VDC (via Coax Cable)
Output Voltage 13/18VDC
Output Power 60 W
Maximum Current 3 Amp
Power Consumption 5W (Standby)
90W (Maximum)
Position Memories 28
Protocol DiSEqC 1.2
Operating Temperature 5C to 40C (41F to 104F)
Storage Temperature -20C to 60C (-40F to 140F)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 1.6Kg (Net), 1.8Kg (Gross)

Does not have remote control and does not work with old style DiSEqC 1.0 receivers like the V-Box II  


Winegard .76  = 30 inch antenna,   our model holds LNBF by the throat  $69 (no LNBF)  Made in Iowa. Winegard dish holds LNBF with clamp around neck. 

excellent quality -  see dish aiming tips below

Important; ALL of our Coship and BEC receivers have excellent tuners and do NOT require a 0.9 meter dish to work!!  Beware of poor performing receivers that lack sensitivity!

Assembly instructions Hotdish  0.76 meter (discontinued) Directions still apply for many dishes.

Dish to right is a 0.75 meter Hotdish attached to a H to H drive.   Horizon to Horizon drive is $69. Installation instructions Do not use with  Diseqc coax switch, use 0/12 volt switch if needed. If you put an angle indicator on the lnbf arm, add about 13 degrees to get the elevation.

The Antenna on the right is our latest dish and is available in limited quantity.  It is all steel, 0.76 meter  in size, and is Made in U.S.A.   It sells for  $69 with an LNB and purchase of satellite receiver.  It will work with our SG-2100 Hoirizon to Horizon drive which allows the user to move the dish and view all of the Ku band satellites in the arc. You must use a dishmover compatible receiver like a BEC or Coship  2300.

DISH AIMING TIPS     Aiming a dish for digital signals like our systems receive can be challenging.  Here are some tips to make the job easier.  Remember this!  The hottest signal may not be the best digital signal.  Add to this the fact that there are satellites on both sides of Telstar 5 make tuning a small dish more difficult.  It may be easiest to take a television to the antenna, and use the tuning bars from the receiver.  On the BEC choose a channel that is always on,  the Maharshi Open university is a good one.  After going to that channel,  see bottom of screen,  press menu, select, scroll to installation, select transponder setup.    When the bars at the bottom of the screen turn yellow, the dish is on the right satellite.  Maximize the bars. 

Various styles   

Important, when replacing an old lnb with a new digital LNB, you may need to replace the f connector on the coax as new digital lnbs may not work if the connector end of wire has deteriorated. 

Important ku lnbf notice;   We are now shipping new Universal wide band lnbfs with many of our receivers.  If your lnbf says LO 9.75 & 10600 GHZ, this is a new  style lnb.  If you receive it with a receiver  proper settings should be programmed, but if you are adding it to an existing receiver or a receiver that has been restored to factory default settings, you must  reset the receiver for a universal lnbf.  This can be done by going to your installation menu on the BEC, choose Dish Setup, scroll down to the  lnb your program has chosen, highlight and open, highlight lnb type and choose Universal lnb. Freq 1 should be 09750 and Freq 2 should be 10600.  Previous settings were 5150 and 10750.  Close out and save.  Check transponder setup to be sure that you are using the universal setup for the  bouquet.  On our preprogrammed receivers, lnb 2 is ku.  

Just In, New LNBf has 2 ports, allows 2 receivers to be used with one dish LNBFs by DMS InternationalSingle and dual port shown


     DISEqC switch for use with 
FTA receivers,  
Go to How to hook up switches, may vary from picture  (left below)  Warning!  when installing DiSEqC switches be sure to power down the receiver, unplug it! Power surges can dill the switches.

Special Deal,  0 /12 volt switches    /12v switch,  2 HF1pp splitters, and wire made into a kit, ask  with receiver purchase.


Note,  DiSEqC, 12volt, and 22k switches can be hooked up together allowing reception from up to 16 different antennas or lnbfs with some receivers!!!!!!   


Ku LNBs typically .6 db   $49 (use with center focus feed) This LNB attaches to a feedhorn.
     Hi freq. 1 port passing splitters used for slaving the above receivers to  an existing  satellite receiver  

A few big dishes available;
7.5' and 10' dishes must be picked up at our Cincinnati area warehouse

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 Who is Taylor Enterprises;  Taylor Enterprises is headed by Tom Taylor who has been in the satellite business since 1985.  Tom Taylor has been an editor or publisher for major satellite publications since the early 1990s.  Tom wrote some 200 articles including the "Other side of the Arc"  columns covering programming on little known birds deep over the Atlantic.    Facilities; Taylor Enterprises maintains an antenna farm on top of a big Kentucky hill just south of Cincinnati, Ohio.  This farm  has about a dozen antennas ranging from fixed 18"  to steerable 12' antennas allowing  tracking of satellites from the Russian birds deep over the Atlantic to the satellites at the west end of the U.S. domestic arc.  This is why Tom can preprogram receivers with programming that has been locked onto and verified.    These facilities make Taylor Enterprises uniquely qualified to meet the hardware needs of everyone from the most advanced hobbyist to the most discriminating commercial down linker.    

We at Taylor Enterprises strive to provide the satellite dealer, the foreign language viewer, and the serious hobbyist with satellite items that he or she will NOT find at their local Consumer Electronics Store.   For details of programming consult the  Lyngsat web site and find MPEG2 FTA (free to air, non scrambled) programming.

A great site.  What you can see if you were looking back at earth from a specific satellite.  Look at AMC9 and you will see that it is looks down on the mid west.  Look at Hotbird 1 and you will see that even if it had a westward looking transmission antenna, the USA is below the horizon and could not receive this bird.  No you can not see futball from most European satellites.  You may also want to look at  zoom in and see your home.

The following is several years old but still has  value;

Check our new satellite chart


            MPEG-2 FREE TO AIR;   A BRIEF PRIMER  This article was written several years ago!
                              By Tom Taylor <>

       Coship, Satworks, BEC, and the list goes on and on!
Where did all of these receivers come from?  While the U.S. and Canadian Cable industry distributes their programming largely via products made by General Instruments, which they own part of, the rest of the world chose the MPEG-2 format.  Granted, even though, the GI Digicipher II has some MPEG-2 attributes, it nevertheless remains a totally proprietary platform.  Who has chosen MPEG-2 as a platform? Dish Network, Scientific Atlanta, and the rest of the world.  Even DirecTV is an early version of MPEG-2.   MPEG-2 is a digital platform that allows several digital broadcasts to be compressed onto one frequency or channel.  Without MPEG-2, Digicipher, or other compression  platform, it would not be possible to have direct broadcast television services like DirecTV or Dish Network.

      What does MPEG2-FTA mean? MPEG stands for Moving Picture Experts Group.  Is is a method for compressing data. FTA stands for "Free to Air"- meaning that the signal is not encrypted with a conditional access module.  Smart Cards are generally used for this purpose.

       MPEG-2 is not a encryption method although ecryption can be added. Dish Network uses the Nagra system, DirecTV uses a News Data system and cable primarily uses the Digicipher or Videocipher system. Transponder time has become so expensive that with the exception of the preachers, the porno channels, and the home shopping networks, it doesn't make sense to place only one channel on one frequency.  With HBO, and Discovery Networks planning 25 channels each, it would take over two C-Band birds to air their material the old fashioned way.


         FTA or "Free To Air" simply means that the signal is not encrypted.  Most cable programming is encrypted.  Occasionally programmers may turn the scrambler machine off and you can see a channel or two with an MPEG-2 receiver.  The barker channel can occasionally be seen on Dish Network.  You will never see Time Warner cable programming, i.e. CNN, HBO in fta mode in the U.S..  CNN, and other international news channels, are available to viewers around the world in free to air mode, but not to the U.S..

        In the U.S. there are a number of channels that are available via MPEG-2 FTA receivers that have indicated that they plan to remain in the clear or are believed to intending to stay clear.  These include Saudi TV, Abu Dhabi, Thai TV,Asian TV, Kuwait TV, Syria TV, Taiwan, Iran, and as we go to press, Bloomberg TV all on Telstar 5, ku, which can be received on a 30 inch dish. The list changes now and then but these and more can be seen today.

       On Anik E2 look for CTV and CBC.  CBC may be on at a bird at say freq 12730, with a symbol rate of 20000 I am told. GE-1 is the home of a bouquet of channel from Paxton Communication's PAX TV.  PanAmSat 5 at 58 degrees west is home to the Latin American Weather Channel, RTP, EWTN, WACC-Am Miami, CCTV China, NHK, Deutche Wella, another major English language news service from Europe which I won't mention by name for fear of seeing it scrambled,,,, shhhhh, an Arab bouquet, and Caracol from Colombia.  MPEG2 FTA feeds are numerous and more and more are being added every day.  The economics of compression, allowing more than one service on each frequency dictate that we will see more.  Every time another satellite fails, and they are failing, we see the prices of transponder time go up.  A couple of thousand dollars an hour for a better bird are not unusual for part time use.


     The answer is simple, you find it on the Internet.  There are two sites that are very good. Every day Christian Lyngemark spends a few hours updating loading information from every satellite in the world from his office in Sweden. His site is supported by advertisers.  He relies on information from the programmers and satellite owners plus an army of volunteer spotters located around the world.  His lists aren't always up to date or totally accurate, especially since many of the services go to great lengths to hide their feeds, but he is a very good detective.  Christian's site is <> and he lists everything from HBO to Solo Tango.  A competing site  is <> and has similar lists.


     Today, unless you live in an area with no Internet phone access, there is no excuse for not being on the Internet.  DirecPC is available through DirecTV.  Unfortunately most DirectTV dealers don't sell DirecTV or want to fool with the special larger dish or special selling arrangements.   Got 4DTV?  By now you should have received messages inviting you purchase a DirecPC computer card that works with your 4DTV, and the hardware price is right.

     Dish Network has just introduced their new Dish Player 7100 and it has WebTV Internet built in.  It is really a slick machine.  I have one playing on a big screen TV across the room from me and I can read the Internet without my glasses.  I am sitting here with listing on the screen as I write this article.  The system is a combination Dish Network receiver with all of the Dish Network programming, plus Web TV.  The user only has to hook the system up to a standard 18 inch dish and a phone line.  This machine has features that Rube Goldberg wouldn't have thought of.  Its price is only $199 for the system and that barely pays for the 8.6 gig Seagate hard drive that is in it .  If you wish to purchase a Dish Player and are not a Dish Network dealer you can call me.  I sell both Dish Players as well as MPEG-2 FTA receivers and can be reached at (606) 356-9666.


     Most receivers come programmed with just a few channels or a couple of satellites.  Since most receivers are made for the Asian markets it is not unusual to see satellites such as AsiaSat programmed into memory.  Fortunately, all receivers come with the ability to delete programming.  Update, most receivers are preprogrammed for USA satellites although no list is really up to date There is no Windows for MPEG,,,  yet. .  With our MPEG2-FTA receivers, programming is done via the remote control.  Fortunately, one the information is entered, the information is stored into the receivers memory. ( we now have blind search receivers that automatically find what is on the bird.

     All MPEG-2 FTA receivers require information to be loaded into memory. All that the receivers require be placed into memory in order to program a channel are the L-Band tuning frequency, which must be calculated, the Forward Error Correction, The PID rate, and the Symbol Rate. It has only been a couple of years since most of this information had to be calculated and entered. Today the receiver manufacturers have programming  a lot easier.

      Most modern receivers require only two items be entered, the frequency, and the symbol rate. I am going to program a bouquet on T5-ku to illustrate how most MPEG-2 FTA receivers work.
I have gone to <> on the Internet.  There I clicked on the map of the U.S. and then selected Telstar 5.  I have scrolled to the next to the last entry which is a group, we call them a bouquet, of channels that can be programmed as one.  This group includes channels from Abu Dhabi, SaudiTV, Kuwait, Syria, Thai and Taiwan plus some radio stations.  All of these channels are compressed onto one transponder. I know that I can receive this bouquet because column five indicates that the signal is MPEG-2 and no scrambling system is noted.  The entry above is NTSC which is the standard analog U.S. TV system.   Viaccess and IRDETO listed above  are scrambling methods. PowerVu is a Scientific Atlanta system and can sometimes be received with MPEG-2 FTA receivers.  At the bottom of the page we see that all MPEG non scrambled listings are highlighted in a light yellow color.  The last column is also of use.  The listings on this page say beam which doesn't tell us much but if you see " East Hemi", you know the signal is pointed at Europe and, sorry soccer fans, I don't care how big an antenna you have you can't see it from that Sports Club in New Jersey!

     Typically most receivers start with the downlink frequency.  Looking at the Lyngsat chart we see that is 12152 Mhz and this frequency is programmed into the first line in our example.  This is simply the downlink frequency or transponder 24.  The next item that is typically required to be entered is the LNB L.O. freq.  This is the local oscillator frequency of the LNB, which is located out at the antenna, that allows the received signal to be converted into a usable signal within the receiver. Domestic U.S. C-Band L.O. frequency is 5150 and Ku band is 10750. In our case T5 is ku so 10750 is entered.  The receiver uses these two frequencies to calculate the L-band frequency that all receivers use to tune the channel.  The next figure entered is the Symbol Rate.  This is the rate the size of the digital package transmission, akin to a modem bit rate.   This figure can be anywhere from less than 5000 to over 30,000.  This figure is entered but be sure that you get the numbers in the right place.  You may have to begin the entry with a 0 to make it work right, i.e. 6000 may have to be entered as 06000.  In the case of our T5 example we can see from the forth column that the SR is 20000.  The 3/4 is the FEC and is automatically calculated by most receivers. It is always easiest to manually enter the symbol rate manually but if the number is not known, receivers such as the KBS-2001,see article, and some Nokias will attempt to find it for you. To see how a specific receiver is programmed, the Zinwell, take a look at my web page at <>.  Note: this article is years old and many examples are long gone but the principles are still the same.

     The PID rate, package identifier, and the FEC, Forward Error Correction, which corrects bit errors, are automatically calculated by most receivers.  Some receivers also allow for manual PID entry allowing some signals with incomplete data stream information to be watched.

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       For further information on this subject I highly recommend Rod Hewitt's " DVB North American MPEG-2 Information publication which can be found on the Internet at <>.

  A lot has changed since the above article was published, but it gives you an insight into the world of free to air

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